Why I wrote the book

Mynoo Maryel


This book is aimed at people in transition, particularly those who are at a pivotal moment in their life when they must make a choice. One end of that pivot is a choice fueled by fear and on the other end is a choice empowered by love. This book supports the reader in making a clear choice empowered by love.

Mynoo’s soul’s mission is to expect and accept miracles and have them become the norm. In everything she now engages with, she chooses pathways to miracles. By adopting the BE and letting go of the busyness of DOing, she has experienced the liberation possible through miracles. She is enthusiastic to share this with readers around the world, so that they can have this experience for themselves.

At its core, this book is about reclaiming the power of your presence through choice.

If you’ve gotten to a place where you know what you have is not all that you want and maybe you don’t even know what you want anymore, this book is for you.

‘I used to hear people in spiritual circles say, “Just let go.” And I would ask myself: “But how do I let go? How do I stop stressing?” The moment I chose to give up control, especially that tight control over whoever I thought I was, I reclaimed the power of my own presence. It happened through choice.